Sunday, November 20, 2011

UPDATED!!!! 30 Day Personal Revolution...Outloud Accountability!

The discipline of a Personal Revolution is one that requires a revisit on a regular basis…so here we go.  Be brave when you do this, tell the truth and remove the items on your list you either really don’t own or no longer make sense…..I have to say doing this out loud is a bit nerve racking…as I know I did not hit them all and  wonder…what are  you thoughts of my “failure” to do so.  Then I remember…it doesn’t matter (smiles).
SO often we find ourselves telling little white lies to avoid the accountability of the truth… I am taking a big step and owning what I need to and will adjust the rest. Accountability to self is where it all starts.

My 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List UPDATED 11/11

1) Meditate daily to hold the space for my son to find his true north
      CHECK!  I am pleased to say he came into his own more quickly than I would have thought possible.  He made some mistakes, learned and adjusted.  He is currently at basic training with the Air Force. It was all his…he owns it and is shows!

2) Write 3 thank you notes a week and mail them
      Week 1-3 were strong missed week 4 so I am moving this forward to the next 30 days.

3) Make all appointments with John at the Gym
      I did, however did not remain committed to this past that time frame.  It wasn’t the best fit for me…I did get my bike fixed and am working on being more active.  This is imperative to who I want to be so is moving forward.

4) End emotional eating  (when sad do pushups!)
      This is my biggest challenge one I will continue to take on until it doesn’t exist!!! SO moves forward.

5) Review and adjust insurance and legal documents
     CHECK! Reviewed and being outsourced for updates 12/1.

6) Make a move that will allow me to learn the lesson of personal commitment once and for all
      CHECK!  Became partner in Fokal Fusion! 

7) play to win NOT, not to loose
      CHECK!  I have this down and am able to make rapid adjustments when I find that old behavior creeping up.  Will remove this from the it!

8) Enjoy a walk with Shelby 3 times a week
      Did this for the 30 days, have not been my word consistently on this….stays until I get it!!

9) Organize my desk at work in a way that promotes impeccable follow up
      CHECK!  And keeping it up!!!

10) Learn and create a Social Media Strategy to brand Fokal Fusion
       CHECK!  Learning and hired a Social Media Associate to own it!!!

Wow,  I held my breath when going through the list and realize I did a pretty good job.  The theme of needing to get my body moving seems to be my sticking point…so this will be my area of focus.   I have decided to let this list sit and get my body moving.  Will revisit just prior to the New Year and see how I am doing.  

I encourage you to take this on….the ability to true yourself up, OUTLOUD to what you say you want and what you DO….is life altering. 

Love our life!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

JOIN the MOVEMENT! MY 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List

My 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List

I have known for a long time that the year 2011 would bring growth and change to my life.  Some of it would be very natural, like my first summer without any of the children home- they are both out of the house on thier own.  Other changes would be chosen and as in life some would come that I could not yet know….none the less 2011 would be a big year for me.  I am jumping into the movement of the TR 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List.  Enjoy the video and if you are moved to join, let me know and enjoy the JOURNEY!

My 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List

1) Meditate daily to hold the space for my son to find his true north

2) Write 3 thank you notes a week and mail them

3) Make all appointments with John at the Gym

4) End emotional eating  (when sad do pushups!)

5) Review and adjust insurance and legal documents

6) Make a move that will allow me to learn the lesson of personal commitment once and for all

7) play to win NOT, not to loose

8) Enjoy a walk with Shelby 3 times a week

9) Organize my desk at work in a way that promotes impeccable follow up

10) Learn and create a Social Media Strategy to brand Fokal Fusion

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I DOUBLE dog DARE you!

Perhaps the act of daring is the very ingredient that moves a dream from the inside out, LITERALLY.  A few incredible friends recently gave me a card that has this quote from Maya Angelou, I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare."  I was sitting with the card letting the love that came with it into my heart, as these women and I had just pulled off a pretty incredible event in record time with limited resources. Not one of us is an event planner or media personality.  BUT we DARED! We believed we could do it and that was enough momentum to draw the people that did have those skills and connections to us.  It really was the “snowball” effect and in the moments (and there were many) when someone could not keep a commitment or simple change happened….the “snowball” found a way around the obstacle…and a couple of times just ran over it. 
Fear stared me in the face a couple of times and each time I had to pick it up and set it aside so as not to fall victim to it.  The amazing thing that came from all of this was my ability to NOT attach myself to the things needing to look a certain way or be in our control.  Several times I had to rework how SUCCESS was going to be measured in order to allow for the thing that needed to happen to really be, rather than what I in my limited vision could see to be possible.  It was amazing. For example; three days before the event took place our keynote speaker let me know they could not attend.  My first reaction was not one of panic, which I found curious, rather a sense of knowing that there was someone or something  better for the event and I just did not see it.  So rather than freak out, I allowed the space to be empty until it filled with the prefect thing/person.  Needless to say, an incredible woman had ALREADY emailed me that the only hour she would be available was the very hour we needed. The answer had already been given before the obstacle had shown up.  Not KNOWING, but feeling that this was just as it should be Col. Hansa Raval MD, came to us.  She added a dimension to the event that I would never have known we needed.   I smile as I write this, in fact she was sent to us all and as a divine gift to me, as you can see in the picture attached to this blog.
So, as a result of having said YES and not knowing HOW and taking on a DARE, I and so many others had an incredible experience that would have been missed.  So I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to follow your heart, gut….whatever you call it, next time something moves you to action and you are tempted to say NO when you KNOW it should be YES! 
PS.  Thank you from the deepth of my soul to the amazing WOWmen that said YES when I asked you to step up with me!
In love and gratitude, Lexy

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The New “F” word

FEAR! is a virus, that like no other disease can paralyze the human soul.  There are lots of great words and writings that talk about FEAR and its insane hold on a person’s very nature.   It can spread faster and with more potency than the plague, move nations to war, cause a strong soul to collapse and stops new discoveries from being made.   All humans experience FEAR.  Many of us have moved through it to the other side only to look back and wonder why we were afraid at all.  While there certainly are real things, issues, people and situations that are due a certain amount of respect and calculated risk, it is simply a choice you make based on the data you have.  What is known as the “fear factor” adds no value to calculating whether to move forward or not. 
When you are in the process of moving a dream from the inside out, fear creeps in from all directions, in the voice of a friend who is trying to protect you from being hurt to the internal critic we all have that says why it isn’t possible at every turn.  The difference between the person that moves a dream into reality, from one that does not, is their ability to work with and around the FEAR and continue to keep going in spite of it.  We have heard so many stories of DiNA’s (Dreamer’s iN Action) stopping just inches from the finish line.  That is the new “F” word at its best.  
So expect FEAR, plan for FEAR and keep putting FEAR where it belongs….behind you!  Expecting it is easy. Learn what it looks like and more importantly feels like.  FEAR is adaptable so know it will change form, so be alert.  Plan for it….the best move in this area is to surround yourself with others that believe in you and your dream (they will keep you on task and help you beat back the fear).  Putting fear behind you takes practice be persistent in putting it in its place.
As a great master once said;  “May the force be with you.”  (not the fear)
Fearlessly  yours,  Lexy
Check this out..Dive into your fear...something amazing is waiting for you!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

How BIG is your Tank?

How big is your Tank?   
Did you know that if you take your fish from a small tank and place them in a bigger one they do not automatically start swimming into the new territory.  For quite a long period of time they will only swim within an area that is equivalent to the space they had.  This caused me to wonder, what event would have to happen for them to discover they had more room to explore.  Did one fish have to bump into another to push them out of the “known” territory to make the realization?  

Have you ever assessed the size of your tank?  Do you even know where the walls are?  What causes you to expand or contract the tank you swim in?  In pondering this I have come up with some key catalysts that have expanded and sometimes had me move from a pond to a lake.  The first of course are my DREAMS (this blog is in fact dedicated to this topic….much like my left shoulder..yup I have DREAM tattooed on me..ok back on track).  My ability to have a vision, even a cloudy one, enables my mind to go to places that are both foreign and not yet understood.  Once my mind can see a possibility the Universe/God/Buddha (however you explain it) start to line up other possible connecting pieces in many forms and thus the walls of my tank expand. 
The other catalyst which often comes before the dream, for me, are PEOPLE and my human relations.  I have at times experienced my tank to be low on water and as a result the walls may have not moved, but my space certainly closed in around me.  In these times I can remember having to true myself up first as I may not have been honoring a relationship I had.  Once I did that often water would start to flow back into my tank.  There were also times I had to choose to sever an unhealthy relationship for me. (note this does not mean that person is bad, it just means that relationship was not good for me) This would allow the water to come back in to its predictable level.  However, there are 3 times in my life that the water flowed so freely that it overflowed my tank causing a current that took me to a whole new body of water.  A whole new world of possibilities would unfold each time; it was amazing and humbling all at the same time. I am in fact having this experience for a blessed 4th time in my life currently and am savoring every moment.
When pondering the size of your current tank and the dreams and people that fill it up….think about what catalysts (adding or subtracting) that would enable you to experience a new or altered body of water.  Move towards it, honor it and be in gratitude that the possibility exists.
In gratitude and love, Lex

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams!
On this Christmas Eve may you enjoy peace and love.  It is often during these last couple weeks of each year that we look back to see if we were able to check off the goals and experiences we said we wanted to have.  As a result of this inventory we take, we can feel a high for having checked all or most of those boxes or a low for not being able to do so. Often the thought of making yet another New Year’s resolution can bring with it a deep sigh… Let’s try a different approach.  Stop here and go get a note book or piece of paper and your favorite pen/pencil. 
Okay, your back…ready here we go.  Make a list of 6 or more things you are grateful for in 2010…come on you can do it…no matter how big or small.  (Hint, even in the hardest of times we have had there was a blessing…did we see it?) Okay, now make a list of 6 or more people that you are thankful to have in your life.
Okay you are getting into the swing of it. Now let’s dream a little…no rules…let go…have fun! List 6 places you would like to visit in your lifetime; 6 people you would like to meet; 6 books you would like to read and 6 thank you cards you can write.  By now you are starting to think about the possibilities that exist so keep going…free flow it and keep on writing anything that comes. 
Now, tuck your list away and place a note on your calendar to revisit between 12/25/10 and 1/6/11 and check off the books you purchased to read, the thank you cards you have written (not emailed) and snail mailed. Enjoy all the possibilities over the next week or so… think about how you can enjoy them rather than what you perceive to be in your way. By reframing your thoughts as you go into the New Year you are setting you world up to POSSIBILTIES! Enjoy!
PS. Here are some of mine to help if you are stuck…
6 Things I am Grateful for:
1)      Seeing my youngest child graduate from High School
2)      For having a partner in life that loves me unconditionally and proved it
3)      For meeting my new BFF in the form of our Doodle “Shelby”
4)      The blessing of working with an amazing team every day at work
5)      Our home which brings me, and many others who visit, great comfort
6)      The many amazing people I met this year that continue to teach me that DREAMS do count!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Collaboration…the Yellow Brick Road

Collaboration…the Yellow Brick Road         
The magic of the “dream” conversation is the amazing amount of collaboration that kicks into overdrive by just speaking your dream from the inside out.  Once others listen to the music of your heart they are drawn to you and often create new windows, doors and paths for your dream to begin materializing.  The energy shift towards your dream will enable you to move more effortlessly (that does not mean without work, but without so many obstacles) forward, evolving, changing and often becoming more than you would ever have believed possible.  So the question then becomes how do we create and/or become a part of a collaborative environment.
 Collaboration comes from the core belief of abundance, that there is enough for everyone to experience what is there for them.  When you are able to operate in this space you look at things anew.  Take for example, a relationship you are in that is causing you some pain at this time.  Pull back and ponder the shift that may happen if you entered into your next conversation with that person from a place of abundance.  You could start your next interaction with them with a simple: How can I help you? 
Then wait for the answer, do not fill in the void that will be there as a result of you shifting the paradigm of this relationship.  LISTEN, with all that you are, watch their body response, tone, and face.  Do not pass judgment, no matter the response.  Stand still and experience the uncomfortable, the joyful and love filled exchange that comes from abundance.  Again, the response may be a variety of things, do not attach yourself to the response, but to the experience.  In time and with sincere repetition you will both learn a new dance.
 When you are honored with a response manage it appropriately, if the assistance requested is within your ability and you choose it, then communicate it and execute in love and abundance.  If your response is no (or not at this time), then explain that and make recommendations on resources they may be able to reach out to for help. This simple change of pattern will enable you both to create a collaborative environment that enables both of your dreams to be spoken and supported. 
And so collaboration is created, overtime others will begin to inquire how they may help you, take it in and allow them to offer abundance, the fertile ground needed for YOUR dreams to experience birth.  So often we guard our dream for fear of it being stolen, misunderstood or ignored.  Truth is, all that could happen, AND still there is enough for everyone.  
I would love for you to share what came of the experiment above, here so others can learn from your action.  Thus, creating a collaborative environment right here….once you experience the shift from competition to collaboration and see abundance rather than the lack of something….you will be a part of a human shift that can and will change the world as we know it…more than the internet or any form of technology we could create.
This is one of my dreams moving from the inside out!