Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The New “F” word

FEAR! is a virus, that like no other disease can paralyze the human soul.  There are lots of great words and writings that talk about FEAR and its insane hold on a person’s very nature.   It can spread faster and with more potency than the plague, move nations to war, cause a strong soul to collapse and stops new discoveries from being made.   All humans experience FEAR.  Many of us have moved through it to the other side only to look back and wonder why we were afraid at all.  While there certainly are real things, issues, people and situations that are due a certain amount of respect and calculated risk, it is simply a choice you make based on the data you have.  What is known as the “fear factor” adds no value to calculating whether to move forward or not. 
When you are in the process of moving a dream from the inside out, fear creeps in from all directions, in the voice of a friend who is trying to protect you from being hurt to the internal critic we all have that says why it isn’t possible at every turn.  The difference between the person that moves a dream into reality, from one that does not, is their ability to work with and around the FEAR and continue to keep going in spite of it.  We have heard so many stories of DiNA’s (Dreamer’s iN Action) stopping just inches from the finish line.  That is the new “F” word at its best.  
So expect FEAR, plan for FEAR and keep putting FEAR where it belongs….behind you!  Expecting it is easy. Learn what it looks like and more importantly feels like.  FEAR is adaptable so know it will change form, so be alert.  Plan for it….the best move in this area is to surround yourself with others that believe in you and your dream (they will keep you on task and help you beat back the fear).  Putting fear behind you takes practice be persistent in putting it in its place.
As a great master once said;  “May the force be with you.”  (not the fear)
Fearlessly  yours,  Lexy
Check this out..Dive into your fear...something amazing is waiting for you!

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  1. i like this article. it kind of goes with my ideas about being real with yourself. i think if people can look in the mirror and admit 'i'm scared' they can move past it. the video was AWESOME! that guy is way too cool


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