Saturday, July 2, 2011

JOIN the MOVEMENT! MY 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List

My 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List

I have known for a long time that the year 2011 would bring growth and change to my life.  Some of it would be very natural, like my first summer without any of the children home- they are both out of the house on thier own.  Other changes would be chosen and as in life some would come that I could not yet know….none the less 2011 would be a big year for me.  I am jumping into the movement of the TR 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List.  Enjoy the video and if you are moved to join, let me know and enjoy the JOURNEY!

My 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List

1) Meditate daily to hold the space for my son to find his true north

2) Write 3 thank you notes a week and mail them

3) Make all appointments with John at the Gym

4) End emotional eating  (when sad do pushups!)

5) Review and adjust insurance and legal documents

6) Make a move that will allow me to learn the lesson of personal commitment once and for all

7) play to win NOT, not to loose

8) Enjoy a walk with Shelby 3 times a week

9) Organize my desk at work in a way that promotes impeccable follow up

10) Learn and create a Social Media Strategy to brand Fokal Fusion